Look the part, feel the part, TAKE PART!

At Dream Big Sports our mission is clear, we want to encourage young people of all abilities to transform their sporting/educational dreams into reality; irrelevant of their background or barriers that they may face to participation. One of these predominant barriers in deprived areas is one of finance and affordability, families who cannot get access to disposable income which will allow them to enjoy the same clubs, teams and opportunities as others.

Since launching Dream Big Sports we have worked with well over 10,000 young people whether that be in an educational setting or outside of school hours and one common theme our team have noticed is a lack of P.E kits for school children, mainly due to financial burdens experienced at home. There are many other reasons playing their part including injury/illness, forgetfulness and reluctance to take part but the result is consistent throughout - NON-PARTICIPATION. As a result, we have decided to tackle this ongoing barrier by supplying each and every one of our partner schools with a spare P.E kit that includes 1 t-shirt, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of pumps for every year group that they have.

We are fully aware that this will not eradicate the problem overnight but we are confident that it will dramatically reduce the number of children who are unable to participate in physical activity across Greater Manchester. If we can solve a problem for 1 child in every class of every school we work in then we will be helping to make a significant change for these children.

Gary Johnson, Headteacher at Lowerplace Primary School spoke of his school’s appreciation of our donation to their pupils. He said “At Lowerplace, we are passionate about PE and aim for all of our children to take part in 2 hours of high quality physical activity each week. A barrier to this aim was that not all of our children had a clean PE kit to allow them to participate in the activities. Dream Big Sports have provided us with spare PE kits for the whole school which has enabled every child to now take part. Thank you Dream Big Sports!"

We want young people to look the part, feel the part and TAKE PART!