Deeplish's day with European Cup finalists!

Inspirational Event For Deeplish Primary Academy

On Friday 17th November the England National Amputee Football Team visited one of our partner schools Deeplish Primary Academy in what was set to be a truly fantastic occasion. It is safe to say the day did not disappoint one bit... 

The day started with a whole school assembly led by Owen Coyle, manager of the England Amputee Football team who was also joined on the day by England Amputee footballers Rhyce Ramsdan and Jamie Tregaskiss. Owen introduced both players and gave a little bit of an insight into amputee football where he explained that the EAFA is a charity who aren’t supported by the National FA! Shortly after this Jamie took to the stage to show some of his skills in front of the 400 watching on. Jamie then challenged 3 young people to a 'Keepy Uppy' competition, the 3 young people managed to get a combined score of 17. As Jamie took the ball, 400 children watched on in amazement as he scored an impressive 30 before stopping, the children could not believe their eyes as Jamie with just 1 leg and 2 crutches showed off his fascinating ability. 

Amputee football is usually played 7v7 in two 25 minute periods, all goalkeepers of Amputee football must be upper body amputees/limb deficiency, whereas outfield players must all be lower body amputees and must play on crutches. If the ball hits the crutch deliberately then a hand ball will be given.

The day continued shortly after the assembly with a question & answer session with each class throughout the school, Owen and the boys even made time to visit the EYFS to put on a truly inspiring show for everyone. Everybody in Years 2-6 sat in astonishment as Jamie and Rhyce told their eye-opening stories of how they went from once having 2 legs to now just 1 and discussing how their love for football kept them pushing & striving to better themselves as players and normal human beings despite their obvious barriers! Jamie explained how he went from a normal 13-year-old boy with a sports injury to then learning he had bone cancer which ultimately was the reason he had no choice but to have his leg amputated. It was equally as heartbreaking and inspiring to hear what a journey he had been on in the lead up to being selected for the England National Amputee football team. Rhyce even used the words “fortunate” when he came to tell us his story, he went on to say how shortly after he was born the doctors found a tumour on his knee which caused his leg to be amputated, he then continued to explain that he’s been on crutches for as long as he can remember and for him it is just “normal”. Rhyce only started to play amputee football 8 months ago and he has already managed to break his way into the England National Amputee team which is a massive achievement for a 17-year-old!

Overall it was a truly inspiring day for everyone and it’s certainly a day everyone at Deeplish Primary Academy won’t forget anytime soon. Lewis Shaw, lead coach at Deeplish went on to say; “It was truly amazing to see the young people of Deeplish really engage with our friends from the England Amputee Football team and I know this really will push them all to constantly strive to better themselves, not just in sport but in everyday life. I for one can’t wait to see for myself the impact this day has had on them!”

David Moore, Vice Principal of Deeplish Primary Academy also added;The England Amputee Football team were fantastic when they visited the school. They had an excellent relationship with the children and the children loved trying out new skills. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dream Big Sports for organising such a special day”