Advisory Board Changes

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At Dream Big Sports Ltd we are fully committed to ensuring that our delivery and provision is of the highest calibre in order to achieve the most impact across Greater Manchester and beyond. With this in mind we are very pleased to announce that as an organisation our Voluntary Advisory Board of Directors has been reformed.

The advisory board was originally launched in 2016 when we recruited and acquired the expertise of four individuals who served the organisation fantastically over the first 12 months of the business. However, we have recently made the decision to reform the board as we decided the board needs to be a more localised group of individuals who know the areas or Oldham, Rochdale and Greater Manchester as a whole; which can then help our organisation have more of an impact locally.

We dedicated our time to seek experienced professionals who are well respected and highly thought of in the world of business, sport, finance and professional development. We believe; along with Benjamin Whitehead who will be returning to the board following his initial 12 months’ service and George Walsh who will take up a role of an external advisor we have recruited three individuals who are the perfect candidates for the role.

We are very proud and privileged to announce Sophie Dixon; Business Development Manager for Click24, Steve Hill MBE; Assistant Head Teacher at St Joseph’s RC Primary School and Danny Simpson; CEO of MIDCommunications will be joining our team from January 2018. We feel that the experience, expertise, knowledge and professional background of all three individuals will positively help shape the provision of Dream Big Sports and help us make huge strides towards our goal of eradicating any form of exclusion to sport and sporting opportunities.

“Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Gemma and Zack for their service over the last 12 months. The board has been somewhere that both myself and Dillan have turned to on numerous occasions for advice and guidance which has helped us to progress the business to where it stands today. As directors, we had a discussion about the board and decided to reform it in 2018 with individuals who are familiar with the  Greater Manchester region in particularly Rochdale and Oldham. As far as board members go, personally I don’t think you will find three people more passionate about the local borough than those who we have secured the services from for 2018.

Both Dillan and I are delighted to retain Ben’s expertise for the year ahead aswell; he has been an integral part of our journey and supported us from the start. He is local and passionate about everything to do with sport, finance and Oldham! Ben has proved to be a key asset to us at Dream Big Sports and I am very proud to announce that he has recently joined as an official Director of the company itself.

The expertise and knowledge that George brought as an advisor will continue in the form of an external advisor due to his new position as a head teacher in a primary school in Switzerland. Despite the distance between George and the rest of the team he remained eager to still be involved with our work and someone with Georges experience in the education sector is invaluable to have.”

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