Free Physical Literacy Packs For Schools!

Dream Big Sports are delighted to announce the launch of two brand new and exclusive programmes to Oldham and Rochdale! To celebrate this fantastic news we have teamed up with Gamezstation UK to provide 100 schools across Oldham and Rochdale physical literacy packs completely FREE of charge. 

Physical Literacy is something that is currently at the forefront of a lot of discussions within the physical education sector. It is easy to have initial thoughts of reading and writing when thinking of physical literacy, however, this couldn’t be further from the definition. To quote: “Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.”

In essence, it is important, if not vital to the development of a child. To think of it in the same terms as reading or writing, if children do not learn to read and write as part of early development then as a result they will find it much harder to do so as adults. The same is true for basic movement skills and movement patterns. If children do not master controlled movement from an early age, they risk growing up to be physically awkward, lacking confidence in sport and physical activity and quite often eventually lead sedentary adult lives.

So, what is a Physical Literacy Pack?

As an organisation we want to help as many children as we can to become physically literate wherever they may be. To be able to do so we have teamed up with Gamezstation UK as we celebrate the launch of our brand new programmes to provide 100 schools with physical literacy packs in the Oldham and Rochdale area. 

The packs are made up of small bags of equipment that have been specifically designed and selected with the children’s age in mind. Each of the lucky 100 schools will receive one pack per year group with each pack containing a range of equipment including; a quoit, beanbag, bat and ball, cones, ball, skipping rope, tennis racket and tennis ball. 

The packs will also contain a diary and pen as we want to encourage all children that take the packs home to complete the diary before returning the equipment back to school. We plan for one child from each class to take the pack home each week and complete a short diary entry explaining how they have utilised the equipment before bringing it back the following week for another classmate to take home and repeat the process. Similar to the ‘teddy bear’ that some children take on adventures weekly. Children can either keep the activities in the diary or even better, share their activity ideas with the class when the pack is returned!

Director Dale Harris explains the reasons behind the launch of the Physical Literacy Packs “The idea behind these packs are to help young people in a number of different areas, the first being to simply improve their confidence and motivation to take part in sport and physical activity away from school. We also hope that this allows children the opportunity to use sporting equipment and make progress as an individual in the comfort of their own home or an environment that suits them. We want young people to take charge of their physical development and most of all have FUN whilst doing so!”

Please see below for further information on our two brand new programmes launching in January 2019 as well as a link to the order form to request your schools physical literacy pack today…

PE and Curriculum Support

The PE and Curriculum Support programme (PECS) is tailored to suit the needs of your school. Currently delivered nationwide using specialist mentors it is proven to increase the skill, knowledge and confidence of your teaching staff in the planning, delivery and assessment of physical education. PECS is the only teacher mentoring programme recognised by the Association for Physical Education; Professional Development Board and we are excited to be able to exclusively bring it to Oldham and Rochdale.

Maths on The Move

Maths on The Move is a unique, evidenced based maths intervention that is coming to Oldham and Rochdale! The programme is a great addition to your maths curriculum that can easily compliment current lessons that are already timetabled in schools. The programme uses physical activity as a key tool for both engagement and learning outside of the classroom.

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