What is Maths on the Move?

You know the saying ‘It does what it says on the tin’? Well, that’s Maths on the Move. It’s doing maths whilst on the move. Of course there’s a whole lot more to say about this innovative programme designed by teachers for teachers; but the concept is that simple.

 First, some hard hitting facts:

  • 33% of 4 to 11 year olds in the UK are overweight or obese

  • Children aged 5-16 spend on average 6hrs per day in front of screens

  • On average, 70% of children’s classroom time is spent sitting.

Think of a classroom. What do you picture? Teacher standing at the front and pupils sat behind desks? Yes, because so often that is the picture, shown by the 70% statistic. 

But, why is it? Perhaps more importantly, why does it have to be? Turns out it doesn’t.

We know because we’ve seen the alternative first-hand and the impact it can have. 

Active learning is this alternative and is the basis of Maths on the Move

Some questions you may have...

What is the point of MOTM?

To use physical activity to enhance confidence, learning and attainment in maths.

What does MOTM cover?

MOTM covers all learning outcomes on the maths curriculum for KS1 & KS2. 

How can my school use MOTM?

  • SATS booster

  • Group interventions

  • Gifted and talented sessions

  • Curriculum enrichment

  • School holiday activities

Can you tell me the structure of a MOTM session?

  1. Select your bespoke booklets to meet the needs and current learning of the pupils during the 12-week programme. 

  2. Each session covers a different topic and at the start of each session pupils complete 5 questions. 

  3. Next, pupils implement the methodology into physical activities, applying the learning to real life situations with the support of the educator. 

  4. To finish, pupils complete a further 5 questions

  5. See the pupils’ improvements! 

What about all the pupils’ different needs?

No pupil is the same, we understand that, which is why you can tailor MOTM to suit pupil’s individual requirements. Use the programme as an intervention to support lower achieving children or extended the learning of those who are gifted and talented. The results show that, whatever the pupils pre-programme confidence level, it is boosted upon completion of MOTM

What support will we get during the MOTM delivery?

Tracking pupil progress is paramount. We will provide experienced educators and learning materials, in addition to sharing the impact of MOTM via an online platform and regular reports (just the ticket for justifying your premium spends when Ofsted come knocking).

Interested? How could you not be?

Contact our Maths on the Move lead Darren Hughen on 0161 669 5818 or email darren@dreambigsports.co.uk for more info!