The Relationship Between Building Character and Dance!

On the 7th February 2019, Education Secretary Damian Hinds announced his vision for building character and the five foundations outlined are believed by the DfE to be pivotal in nurturing resilience and confidence in children and young people.  

According to Hinds “Character and resilience are as crucial to young people’s future success as academic qualifications”. When addressing the delegates at Church of England Foundation for Education Leadership Conference he went on to list the below as the five Foundations for Building Character; 

·     Sport (including other physical activity), 

·     Creativity, 

·     Performing, 

·     Volunteering & Membership 

·     Work of Work 

At Dream Big Sports, we overwhelmingly believe that our Dance and Cheer provision has the ability to hit at least three of the above foundations. It goes without saying that our dance and cheer provision certainly meets the creativity and performing sections of the five foundations, however, Dance and Cheer is also a fantastic way to help keep children and young people active.

In particular, it acts as a great alternative for those children who may not want to access or take part in mainstream sport. Whilst most people are well aware of the health and fitness benefits of Dance and Cheer, there are also other health benefits equally as important including creating healthy minds, socialising with others and working as a team to reach an end goal. 

So far during the 2018/19 academic year we have delivered well over 1,200 hours of Dance and Cheer and have worked with 14 schools during this period. This means that with an average of 28 children per class we have delivered dance and cheerleading provision to over 5000 children! 

Our Dance and Cheer provision has grown to be very popular this year due to our emerging reputation with regards to not only our high-quality delivery but our creative and unique way of delivering the dance curriculum resulting in greater engagement with children across our partner schools.

Dance is a compulsory part of the PE curriculum from Key Stage 1 to 3, however, we are passionate about dance and believe there’s more to investing in dance provision for your school than just ticking a box. 

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