Active Schools Conference 2019 - Keynote Speaker Announcement: Dr Gerald Griggs

Keynote Announcement: Dr Gerald Griggs - Picking Teams, Finding Memes and Broken Dreams: A PE lesson for us all.

The Speaker:

Dr Gerald Griggs has worked in education for over twenty years before taking up his current role in 2016 as Head of Academics at the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB). He is a globally recognised figure in his field of Primary Physical Education and to date has published for books and over 30 international peer reviewed journal articles.

Gerald has research interests in contemporary issues in Primary Physical Education and has most recently been invited to present his views on Primary Physical Education to an All-Party Parliamentary Group. During his talk in Westminster, Gerald was asked to present his views on PE and School Sport Premium funding, during which he outlined his concerns for the lack of specialist training in primary education for PE.  

“Sports coaches teaching PE is like travel agents teaching geography. They are enthusiastic, confident and look the part but aren’t qualified. PE should be part of education and not be seen as a gateway to sport.” – Gerald Griggs 2018


The Keynote:

Picking Teams, Finding Memes and Broken Dreams: A PE lesson for us all.

Whilst physical education remains a contested concept those responsible for its delivery have continued to ‘pick teams’ in deciding which parts of the debate they wish to champion. This silo approach has done little to move us on in recent decades and what is left is a landscape of recurring ‘memes’ and ‘broken dreams’ leaving many disillusioned and frustrated. If we don’t learn lessons from what has happened and is happening to PE how can we hope to build a future together for the good of our young people?

Dr Gerald Griggs to provide an encapsulating keynote discussing this topic and much more. It is certainly one you will remember and one not to miss!

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