Life In Space!

#TeamDreamBIG Director Talks About Life In Space! 

As the director of Dream Big Sports I am delighted to have recently moved into our new home in Space Campus Oldham. Since moving in we have made new friends, business relationships, gained new skills and have been motivated by the drive and aspiration that surrounds us.

We are based in the heart of Oldham, Greater Manchester, where myself and Dillan both grew up which is important to us to remember where we came from; but what is Space Campus? In a nutshell, Space Campus is a digital and creative co-working space on the top floor, above what used to be Mountainfeet - a locally well-known mountain equipment store.

Space Campus encourages collaboration between its members and associates via co-working, networking, events and training classes by creating new opportunities to connect with each other, collaborate on projects and tasks, integrate with small groups and grow our businesses through learning and acquiring knowledge in a dynamic working environment.

I personally encourage any new start-up business or young entrepreneurs who wish to take their next steps in business to consider working from a co-working environment as it's refreshing for business!

Hopefully this will be our home for many successful years to come and we can create dreams for many young people from our new home also known as DreamHQ.

Dale Harris