Extra-curricular activities are a great way to enhance a child’s learning and development in a safe, fun and pressure free environment.

Research shows that children who take part in quality before and after school sports activities have a greater chance of thriving within the school learning environment.



As an organisation Dream Big Sports offers extra-curricular activities in three forms; breakfast clubs, lunchtime provision and after school clubs.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast clubs include educational and sports based games to help prepare children for the day ahead. We can either assist and enhance the student experience at your current breakfast clubs or create new clubs. Breakfast clubs are a great way of supporting parents with early drop offs and has been proven to increase attendance and punctuality.


Lunchtime Club

Lunchtime clubs consist of organised competitive sporting activities aimed at specific year groups each day. Alternatively, our trained coaches can work with individual or small groups of children who may find lunchtimes challenging as we know that for some children lunchtime can be the most difficult part of the day resulting in them feeling isolated or struggle with managing their behaviour. 


After School Club

After school clubs are available for all children from reception to year six, consisting of sport specific or pressure free come and play multi skills sessions. An after-school club can help assist with social skills, friendship groups and support parents on late pick up from school. It also gives students the chance to fulfil their recommended weekly hours of participation in physical activity.



As with all Dream Big Sports programmes, our extra-curricular provision is tailored to suit each individual school. We endeavour to work around the current timetables and ethos already in place. This includes what times, days and choice of sporting activity to be delivered.