Dream Big Sports provide additional provision to schools including 1-2-1 intervention programmes, coaching clinics and activities/sports days.





An option offered in addition to the current child support that is already in place within primary schools. This mentoring is extremely flexible and ranges from reading/writing support to improving the basic physical and social skills of children that have been identified by the coach or class teacher. This provision can take place during lesson time or as part of an extra-curricular activity such as a break or lunch period. This could also be an ideal tool used for pupils with Special Educational Needs.


Coaching Clinics

As an organisation we are aware that it is not always the children who can benefit from our services, therefore we offer partner schools our unique ‘Coaching Clinics’. Coaching Clinics are a form of continued professional development lead by our trained coaches to provide teachers, teaching staff, support staff, volunteers and parents the chance to utilise our coach’s years of experience and professional sporting guidance. Here at Dream Big Sports we thoroughly believe that every professional was once a beginner given a chance to succeed and we would like to pass our expertise on to others so that everyone can benefit from the power of sport.


Activities and Sports Days

Creating unforgettable experiences for both pupils and teachers is something that we are passionate about at Dream Big Sports, therefore we are more than happy to help plan,  prepare and deliver  outstanding activities and sports days for your school. These days pose as perfect opportunities to celebrate the success of the academic year and give all children the chance to show their ability and the progress they have made throughout this period. Our delivery is driven on inclusion and enjoyment as we feel that everyone can be a winner!