“I feel a lot more confident to deliver more exciting and creative activities in PE. It has made me question my own practices and how I can implement progressions within activities so they do not become stale and also incorporate differentiation for the different levels of ability. 

Overall, I have really enjoyed the programme and it has given me the confidence to go on and deliver fun and engaging lessons with a purpose. The feedback from the coach has been great, constant positive reinforcement has made me realise I can deliver quality PE lessons without it being my specialist or favourite area of the curriculum. 

Even just knowing I don’t have to demonstrate every skill in every game and can use children to do that has helped changed my attitude towards delivering PE. The main thing I will take away though is using question and answer at the end of a session in a plenary style debrief to reinforce key learning points and check children have understood the session aims and lesson objectives.”

Mrs Coulton - Reception Teacher
Norden Community Primary School