Dream Big Sports offers a diverse range of physical education provision and cover for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) which are delivered by fully qualified sports coaches.

We provide schools with structured sports programmes that have been developed to compliment the requirements of the National Curriculum and can be easily tailored to suit each individual school’s needs.

Our Physical Education offer is built around our three core values and is accessible to all students from EYFS through to KS2. The programme helps to create a sporting community within each school to help every individual learn and develop while still feeling part of a team. With all our provision in line with the National Curriculum it helps ease any worries by the school’s senior leadership team especially with Ofsted’s increased focus on Physical Education.



The Physical Education offer is broken down into three key programmes Little Learners, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Little Learners

Our exclusive Little Learners Programme is specifically designed for EYFS students. These imaginative lessons will prepare them for the physical challenges that they will face both in every day life and in their exciting school lives as they grow older. Each session has a specific topic delivered through a fun theme. This ensures that all children remain enthusiastic and excited about their lessons. Our current lesson themes include Under the Sea, Meeting the Queen, Animal Farm, A Trip to Space and The Kings Castle. However, all lessons can be adapted and tailored for each group to link to classroom based learning e.g stories and traditional tales.


Key Stage 1

The Key Stage 1 Programme consists of lessons that are focused on the key fundamental movements required at such a young age, known as the ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Coordination). Each lesson covers different topics such as travelling, balancing, running, jumping, hand-eye co-ordination and foot-eye co-ordination. Another lesson option for KS1 is Gymnastics, this will allow all children to explore the various area’s that the sport has to offer.


Key Stage 2

The Key Stage 2 Programme is based on invasion games as well as learning various skill elements within a chosen sport. All games are delivered in a safe, fun filled environment with students encouraged to express creativity as well as take part in fair and respectful competition. The sports included within our provision include football, futsal, basketball, handball, hockey, tag-rugby plus many more! In addition to these sports, the entire summer term can be spent exploring cricket and athletics in KS2; both of these require unique areas of learning to meet the specific needs of the sport. Gymnastics is also a popular choice through the winter as an indoor lesson.

All provision will follow the National Curriculum and Ofsted guidelines.


Included within our physical education programme, Dream Big Sports provides each school with full schemes of work and lesson plans, individual pupil assessments and a sports premium impact report.