Dream Big Sports believe that everybody should be given equal opportunity to participate in physical activity. Therefore, our mission as an organisation is to end any form of exclusion from sport.




Dream Big Sports aims to provide better opportunities for young people in deprived areas to pursue their dreams and better their health, education and social involvement through sporting success.



The North West is currently home to five out of the top ten most deprived areas in England.

The North West also has the highest level of inactivity with 26% of males and 31% of females failing to take part in any physical activity whatsoever. In addition to this, only 21% of boys and 18% of girls under the age of 15 have met the recommended levels of physical activity since 2012.

In the three lowest average income quintiles studied by the British Heart Foundation, only 20.3% of boys and 17% of girls have met the recommended levels of physical activity since 2012. The average sedentary hours were also highest amongst the group with the lowest income for boys and girls.



Young people in disadvantaged communities within England, specifically the North West. Areas with financial deprivation, social exclusion and multi-generational unemployment who are facing multiple barriers to success.



Previous studies suggest the lack of participation in sport within deprived areas in the UK is a result of the multiple barriers faced by potential participants and/or their families.

Barriers include financial issues, transport, transport costs, lack of facilities/equipment as well as many other concerns. In addition to this it is evident that there is a lack of motivation and parental support in such areas.