Our Story

Dream Big Sports is a not for profit, Greater Manchester based multi award winning physical education, physical activity and school sports provider driven by a social purpose

Founded in December 2016, Dream Big Sports is a non-profit sports coaching and education organisation offering provision in Education, Holiday Camps & Training with a clear mission: “To ignite a passion for physical education, physical activity and sport in the next generation of young people whilst re-investing into greater opportunities for disadvantaged communities”.

Before taking our first steps into an extremely competitive and saturated sector, we made a conscious decision to be different. To not focus on the pounds and pence but instead the positive impact that we could have on the lives of young people as a result of our growth and success as an organisation, hence why we are proud to be operate with non-profit status. Whilst we do generate a profit to be able to exist as an organisation, we commit to reinvesting any surplus into greater opportunities that align with our mission and vision as a team. Born out of a desire to pass on key knowledge, experiences and inspiration to others, we are passionate about going above and beyond to offer more than just education to young people.

It is this commitment that has been recognised throughout our business journey, first being awarded Rochdale’s “Start Up Business of the Year 2017”, then Oldham’s “Young Business of the Year 2018” and most recently Oldham’s “Business of the Year <£1m Turnover 2023” in addition to various additional accolades and accreditations. All of which are key milestones for our team and serve as reassurance that our organisation operates sustainably and ethically, having the positive impact that we had hoped to achieve from day one.

Since launching the business with 1 partner primary school and 1 holiday camp venue in 2016, we are now incredibly fortunate to have a team of 22 creative, dedicated and inspiring coaches who support 12,000+ unique children and deliver over 20,000 hours of provision each year.

With your ongoing support and trust in our organisation, these numbers will continue to grow and we will continue to make a difference across Greater Manchester and beyond, whilst ensuring that our commitment to reinvest into greater opportunities is achieved year on year.