Dance is a fantastic way to help young people keep fit, have fun and develop character. It also improves overall health and fitness whilst creating healthy minds and positive attitudes in the classroom.

We can guarantee that our inclusive and innovative dance programme will inspire and develop your children’s self esteem, self expression and build confidence for tomorrow.

Dance is a compulsory part of the PE curriculum at both Key Stage 1 and 2, combining physical literacy with imagination and creativity whilst also being a very useful tool when devising cross-curricular work.


Through dance children develop…

 • Fundamental movement skills & balance, agility and co-ordination

 • Verbal and non-verbal communication of ideas and emotions

 • Teamwork

 • Problem solving

 • Observing & evaluating skills

The impact of dance can…

 • Increase physical confidence and awareness

 • Increase enjoyment of movement and physical activity

 • Increase attainment and aspiration

 • Improve mental health, enhancing happiness, self-esteem and body attitude

 • Reduce stress and anxiety levels

 • Improve attitudes to health and well-being, creating a foundation for life-long participation

 • Improve health problems – helping to tackle obesity and future diseases

We are passionate about the value of dance and…

 • We understand and meet the different needs of participants of varied abilities, ages, backgrounds and stages of development

 • We have an excellent understanding of dance in the school curriculum and the way in which dance can support learning across a broader curriculum

 • We have a range of teaching and learning strategies to meet the pupils’ individual learning needs and enable them to reach their potential

 • We communicate all aspects of safe dance practice through our own provision

 • We are experienced in delivering appropriate and challenging dance activities safely and effectively