The benefits of inclusive & engaging Wraparound Care

In the UK, high quality Wraparound Care provision has emerged as a powerful tool for fostering a sense of belonging, supporting diverse learners, and enhancing the overall educational experience for primary school communities. In this blog, we delve into the varying benefits of offering inclusive and engaging Wraparound Care to your pupils and families:

Enhance the Pupil Experience

Wraparound Care that offers a varied range of activities can complement the school curriculum, allowing pupils to continue their learning away from the classroom whilst building valuable life skills and improving physical and mental wellbeing.

Foster a Sense of Community:

By providing a supportive and inclusive environment before & after school, Wraparound Care not only promotes personal growth and achievement but allows parents, carers and staff members to enjoy a more cohesive school community through additional opportunities provided.

Improve Attendance & Academic Performance:

Research shows that pupil involvement in Wraparound Care before or after school can enhance engagement, improve attendance and support academic performance right across the school!

Generate Additional Income:

A by-product of a successful Wraparound Care offer is the additional income that can be generated by primary schools, whether that be from the fees charged to parents/carers for childcare or hire fees charged to an external provider (if this delivery method is preferred).

To support schools in planning, organising and delivering a successful Wraparound Care programme, the Dream Big Sports team has created an extensive guide using our knowledge and years of experience: A Primary School Guide to Wraparound Care!

How to Get Your Copy

To find out more information about Wraparound Care and obtain your copy of “A Primary School Guide to Wraparound Care”, simply click HERE to complete a very quick form then a member of our team will share access to the E-Book via email.