The launch of “A Primary School Guide to Wraparound Care”

In the landscape of education, the role of primary schools extends far beyond the traditional classroom setting. Recognising the diverse needs of children and the demands on modern families, schools have increasingly embraced Wraparound Care as a cornerstone of their provision. In the UK, Wraparound Care has emerged as a vital component of primary education, offering support and enrichment to both pupils and their families. To support schools when navigating the various elements of this provision, we have developed an extensive tool which is available completely free of charge: A Primary School Guide to Wraparound Care.

Understanding Wraparound Care
Wraparound Care refers to the range of services provided to children and their families beyond regular school hours. This includes breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and sometimes holiday clubs. These services aim to create a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for children outside of school hours, catering to their educational, social, and sometimes even nutritional needs.

The Importance of Wraparound Care

  • Supporting Working Families: In today’s society, many parents juggle work commitments with family responsibilities. Wraparound Care offers a lifeline for working families by providing childcare outside of typical school hours, easing the burden on parents and ensuring children are supervised in a constructive environment.
  • Enhancing Learning Opportunities: Beyond childcare, Wraparound Care programmes often include activities designed to complement and enrich the school curriculum. From homework assistance to sports, arts and crafts, and educational games, these activities provide children with opportunities for learning and personal development in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.
  • Promoting Social Skills and Wellbeing: Participation in Wraparound Care exposes children to diverse social interactions and fosters the development of important social skills such as teamwork, communication, and empathy. Moreover, the supportive environment of Wraparound Care can contribute to children’s emotional well-being, providing a sense of belonging and security outside of school hours.
  • Addressing Inequalities: For some children, access to enriching activities outside of school hours may be limited due to economic or social factors. Wraparound Care programmes aim to bridge this gap by providing affordable or subsidized opportunities for all children to participate in a range of activities, regardless of their background or circumstances.

What’s Inside our Guide

“A Primary School Guide to Wraparound Care” offers an educated perspective on all aspects of planning, organising and delivering a successful Wraparound Care service for your school community. Covering 10 different components, we are confident that this guide will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to kick start your Wraparound Care journey. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside:

  • Addressing the Need
  • Funding Explained
  • The Benefits of Wraparound Care
  • Administration & Processes
  • Staffing Effectively
  • Planning Inclusive Provision
  • Managing Bookings
  • Space, Equipment & Resources
  • Quality Assurance
  • Top Tips

Why It’s Free

Following the 2023 Spring Budget, where the government set out an ambitious plan to provide all primary school children with access to high quality, engaging and inclusive Wraparound Care by September 2026 and the support of funding to achieve this, we recognised that this will be an exciting announcement but possibly daunting in equal measure. By creating this free, extensive guide using our knowledge and years of experience in the sector, we were keen to share useful tips and guidance to help primary schools to navigate this fantastic opportunity!

How to Get Your Copy

Obtaining your copy of “A Primary School Guide to Wraparound Care” is really straight forward. Simply, head to our contact page to send us a message then a member of our team will share access to the E-Book via email.