The Launch of Mission: Dream BIG!

Our Commitment to a Better Tomorrow


Social value is about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, communities, and the environment. This blog will explore what social value means to Dream Big Sports and how our commitment to social value pledges is going to help us shape a brighter future.

In an extremely competitive and saturated sector, Dream Big Sports made a conscious decision to be different from the very beginning. To not focus on the pounds and pence but instead the positive impact that we could have on the lives of young people as a result of our growth and success as an organisation. As a non-profit organisation, we commit to having a positive social impact as a result of our paid provision in Education, Holiday Camps and Training through our “Mission: Dream BIG!” initiative which launches in 2023-24.

What does Social Value mean to us?

Social Value to Dream Big Sports is the positive impact on children, young people and the wider community as a result of our activities as an organisation within sport & education.

What is “Mission: Dream BIG!”?

Mission: Dream BIG! encapsulates our dedication to go above and beyond our core offer as a team to invest into greater opportunities for young people who may face barriers to participation for a variety of reasons, usually beyond their control. Every year, Mission: Dream BIG! will see us guarantee additional opportunities for young people, our team, individuals looking to gain experience & qualifications as well as the wider community with collaborative events.

What is our commitment?

Each year, the Dream Big Sports team commit to four social value pledges to ensure we have a long-lasting impact on the lives of young people and the wider community as a result of our growth. The pledges are below:

Health & Wellbeing

  • Pledge: We pledge to inspire & empower young people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through increased opportunities, engagements and activity levels.

  • Our Target: To provide 5% of our annual delivery hours from the previous year as fully funded sport & physical activity.

Education & Skills

  • Pledge: We pledge to help develop new skills, knowledge and confidence in our workforce, to inspire individuals through the power of sport and education.

  • Our Target: To provide a minimum of 50 hours of training & CPD opportunities for each individual in our core delivery team.

Employment & Volunteering

  • Pledge: We pledge to support employability in the local community by providing work experience, volunteering opportunities & apprenticeships.

  • Our Target: To offer opportunities annually through work experience, volunteering, apprenticeships equivalent to 50% of the size of our core delivery team.

Social & Community

  • Pledge: We pledge to build collaborative communities by creating sustainable partnerships with other organisations to offer greater opportunities for young people.

  • Our Target: To organise & deliver 3 community events annually, collaborating with local socially driven organisations.

How will we measure the impact?

Through our unique Social Value Framework, specific to our organisation. We are able to monitor, analyse and report on our social impact annually to ensure the commitment detailed above is meaningful, sustainable and having the desired positive impact across all four areas.

In the coming weeks you will hear more about “Mission: Dream BIG!” And how you could benefit from our social value pledges.