#TeamDreamBIG World Cup Worksheets!

The 2022 World Cup is finally here!

Our FREE World Cup Worksheets have been designed to give children the opportunity to learn more about this unique tournament and educate them with cross-curricular worksheets that have a focus on Maths, English, Geography & History.

We are more than aware of the controversy surrounding Qatar 2022, from the treatment of migrant workers, to the ban on same-sex relationships and many other bribery & corruption allegations.

Qatar was awarded the World Cup under very questionable circumstances. We didn’t choose or want a winter World Cup in a desert state with no football heritage and a large amount of human rights abuses to its name.

Whilst we feel it is important for children to understand the truth behind this World Cup, we also feel it is important for them to enjoy the football and get excited about the tournament that makes every young person dream of playing for their country.

Our World Cup Worksheets are a mix of activities for them to learn about the history, research the facts, write about a match and crunch the numbers.

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