#TeamDreamBIG celebrate Maths Week with a FREE resource!

We need to get pupils excited about maths. And this means we need to make it fun.

Combining maths and movement is one way you can do just that.

Our FREE Maths on the Move resource designed for Maths Week England uses physically active learning to engage children and make concepts easier to understand.

We know it works because numerous studies prove physically active learning enhances brain function, improves focus, facilitates understanding, increases confidence and reduces anxiety. Plus, we continually measure the impact of our MOTM programme, with our 2021-2022 report revealing:

  • 95% of children taking part in MOTM showed a total increase from pre to post lesson scores

  • 78.5% of children reported improved confidence in maths as a result of taking part in MOTM

Using the free downloadable resource, you can get children up out of their chairs, away from their desks and excited about maths.

The resource is designed by teachers, in line with the national curriculum and tailored to Years 1 – 6.

Pupils need to answer maths questions covering key concepts, run to locate their answers on an activity card, and jot down the corresponding letter to break the code!

All you need to do is print out the activity cards, cut them up, spread them around the hall, playground or field, and give each child or team a challenge sheet.

Not only will the challenge make for a memorable Maths Week, it’ll also help inspire a joy of maths in children.

And an added bonus is that it contributes to the 60 minutes of daily physical activity recommended for children.

Plus, the activity cards can be used again and again to create new challenges.

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