What is Social Value?

Why we released our first Social Value Annual Report…

As a non-profit organisation, Dream Big Sports Ltd is committed to delivering Social Value for the local economy through all areas of our provision: Education, Holiday Camps and Training as well as having a key focus on our workforce and employment. We firmly believe that we are best placed to deliver outstanding sporting and educational provision for young people whilst re-investing into greater opportunities for those who may face barriers to participation, usually due to reasons beyond their control. Over recent years, we have focused our efforts on identifying what social value means to our organisation.

But, what is Social Value?

Social Value is the financial and non-financial value to society that an organisation’s social impact makes. Social Impact is the difference that an organisation makes, which benefits society.

Social Value is an emerging position within the UK and wider global markets, driven by governments and communities who are increasingly seeking to understand the value that they are receiving beyond the basic delivery from businesses. This has been greatly influenced by ‘the global financial crisis’ and the resulting focus on austerity. Communities and decision-makers have become sceptical over the motives and the traditional approaches that businesses have adopted. It is the role of businesses to define and redefine their position as values led.

To our organisation, Social Value is “the positive impact on children, young people and the wider community as a result of our activities as an organisation within sport & education”.

What’s next?

Over the last 12 months, we have worked behind the scenes with a consultant to really grasp what Social Value means to us as well as develop a unique Social Value Framework that will allow us to confidently articulate where we have provided additional value and impact from our core services in sports coaching and education.

This week, we released our first Social Value Annual Report 2022-23 and you can sign up for full access HERE.

We have also recently announced our Mission: Dream Big! initiative, the pledges we have made and the targets that we are currently working towards as a team. Every year, Mission: Dream BIG! will see us guarantee additional opportunities for young people, our team, individuals looking to gain experience & qualifications as well as the wider community with collaborative events.

In addition to our existing areas of delivery, the Dream Big Sports team commit to four social value pledges to ensure we have a long-lasting impact on the lives of young people and the wider community as a result of our growth. The themed areas we have identified are:

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Education & Skills

  • Employment & Volunteering

  • Social & Community

To catch up on our recent blog announcing the launch of Mission: Dream BIG!, click HERE.